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Tax Returns, Planning and Advice

Preparation of the annual self assessment tax return forms are considered by many as a necessary evil, whether you are in business or just have income that needs to be reported to H M Revenue & Customs. Not only can we prepare and submit these forms on your behalf, we can also calculate your tax liability for the year and advise you on when this needs to be paid.

Whether you have rental income, business income, dividends, investments, pensions or any other taxable income, we can advise you on what needs to be reported and can assist in collating this information with you. We examine not only the income but also allowable expenses and costs that will help to reduce your overall tax liability.

Tax planning is an important part of ensuring that your tax affairs are properly structured and we look to do this, as required. This could involve a quick review of your affairs as we complete your tax return up to a specific tax planning review and meetings with you to consider your affairs.

We provide advice on the structure of your business affairs, the timing of income and we consider your overall personal situation to assess whether your finances are structured in a way that would benefit your family as a whole. This can involve ensuring that taxable assets are split correctly between spouses and ensuring that all lower rate bands and allowances are used efficiently between families.

We review and advise on the various allowances and tax reliefs that might be available to you to ensure that you have the full picture when completing your tax affairs.

Of course, if you would prefer, we can just prepare and submit your tax return each year.