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Personal Tax Investigations

Any tax investigation or enquiry can be a daunting experience, especially if it is something that you have not experienced before.

By completing tax returns accurately and submitting these on time, it is something that most people don’t experience, which is why we like to assist you in getting things right the first time around.

However, whether it be because they suspect an error has occurred or whether you are subject to a routine inspection, tax enquiries do rear their heads from time to time.

We can act on your behalf when dealing with H M Revenue & Customs and have experience in dealing with any enquiries quickly and efficiently to ensure the least disruption to your affairs.

We are happy to discuss the issues directly with the tax inspector themselves and to establish exactly what information they require and then assist you in providing this. We find that this approach also allows us to identify any potential problems early on and look to provide solutions accordingly.

We find that liaising and cooperating directly with the Inspector involved often leads to tax enquiries being concluded swiftly and with the best possible outcome for our clients.