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Capital Gains Tax and Planning

Capital Gains tax is something that most people will only come across once or twice during their lives but that makes it all the more important to take advice when it does have an impact on you. Of course, others experience Capital Gains tax on a more regular basis.

Either way, we are able to offer a detailed planning and advice service over capital gains matters including which assets are likely to be caught by Capital Gains tax through to the various reliefs available to you.

As with most things, CGT planning is important and if can identify where a gain is likely to occur, it is much easier to plan in order to reduce any tax to a minimum and to utilise any possible reliefs that are available.

We are keen to get to know our clients affairs so that we can help identify potential CGT issues before they arise, allowing us to work with you in planning any likely impact of CGT before it occurs.

In many cases, CGT can be eliminated or significantly reduced before anything is actually sold, with a little bit of planning, advice and restructuring.