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PAYE, Payroll and CIS

Whether you are a Limited Company, have a work-force, use casual labour, use subcontractors or just employ your spouse, the chances are that you will need to consider PAYE or CIS.

Payments to staff, directors, casual employees and subcontractors are required to be reported monthly to HMRC. In addition to this, it might be tax efficient to employee your spouse within the business and this would also require a monthly return.

We are set up with all the required software to make this process as painless as possible – quite often just contacting you once a month to confirm figures. We can run payrolls weekly, monthly, 4 weekly or quarterly, as required.

Once the figures are confirmed, we submit monthly Payroll reports to HMRC as required and for subcontractors, we can produce monthly CIS returns for online submission.

Of course, we calculate the PAYE/National Insurance/CIS deductions for all staff and subcontractors and provide you with details on what to pay over to HMRC prior to the monthly deadlines.

For all staff and subcontractors, we can provide payslips and other required forms (such as P45s and end of year P60s, as required) and, if they are required, can tailor payroll reports to suit your needs.