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Accounts Preparation

We specialise in the accounts preparation for owner managed businesses at the small/medium end of the scale.

We prepare the accounts for sole traders, partnerships, LLPs and Limited Companies, not only satisfying HMRC and Companies House, but also providing relevant information and advice to our clients to make their lives easier and to assist in their goals; whether that be increased profitability, increasing their business or downsizing.

As part of this, we feel that it is important to make time to meet with our clients from time to time, whether that is quarterly or annually. It is much easier to understand somebody’s business if you meet with them regularly and, conversely, it is much easier to understand the accounting and taxation advice, when explained face to face. This isn’t something that we insist on (as we appreciate that not everyone want to see us!), but it is something that we provide as a matter of course, to those who feel it would be of benefit to them.